Media Center for Tom Tom

Convert your Tom Tom into a video player


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If you have a Tom Tom GPS navigator system, you can enjoy this great piece of software which makes possible to view videos by using it.

Media Center for Tom Tom is a great choice, because you can convert your Tom Tom into a media player so you will be able to playback pre-converted video files.

If you have any video in your computer and you want to watch it in your car, just download Media Center for Tom Tom and run it. Choose the files you want to watch and convert them into a supported format (all that can be done by using Media Center)

Before converting, you will be able to choose video quality and size, subtitles, crop, test conversion, and more. and default audio level boosting.

The compressed movie file can be played back from the flash memory card or from the built-in hard disk.

When you play videos, you will be able to access an on screen display to control the playback.

It supports DivX (.avi), XViD (.avi), MPEG-2 (.mpg), MPEG-4 (.mpg), Apple QuickTime (.mov), Real Video (.rm), mp3 and more.

It can be used on the following models: GO, GO 300/500/700/510/710/910, One, One New Edition and Rider (no sound output on Rider) and all TomTom accessories like Remote Control and Permanent Docking Kit.
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